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R eaching
A utism
F amilies
T ogether

"Embrace the puzzle and see the spectrum in a whole new light." Amy Mendoza

Meet Amy

Autism Coach,

Founder @ RAFT Ranch

Hi, I'm Amy,  a 47 year old mother of 4 who left the corporate world 6 years ago to pursue studies and research autism in relation to root causes as well as how to remedy those causes.  After nearly 6,000 hours of studies and research, connecting with the right doctors / resources,  and implementation of my learnings I have been able to heal our son from autism.  I feel very blessed to have been given the right support and guidance, I am eager to share those findings with families like you.


During your initial coaching session, we will be discussing the key elements to healing and recovery in the blocks below.  

Identifying the Right Resources for Your Child's Needs

Addressing  Environmental Toxins and Heavy Metal Exposures

Discuss Resources to Resetting Your Child's Digestive System

Discuss Resources to Addressing  Yeast, Viruses, Parasites and Ongoing Infections

Observe the phenomenol 


No Coaching Required 

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