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Our Story

We are a family of 6 and in 2015 we were on a quest to find a place to call home.  It was meant to be when we found our way to a beautiful ranch that we now call home. We had been searching for a quiet tranquil place that we would be able to get our children, especially our youngest son outside to play and enjoy activities in the sunshine.  Our youngest son Gibson was diagnosed with autism in 2015 and as overwhelming as it was at the time, we felt fortunate and blessed to have found our ranch. After overcoming many challenges over the past several years with our son, we felt many other children on the spectrum, with sensory processing disorder and/or generalized anxiety disorders would also be able to benefit from the relationships we have built with alternative health providers and other resources.  We have been working diligently in developing an online resource portal to navigate journeys similar to ours so other families would have access to the same resources.  In honor of where our son made his leaps of progress, we named our 501©(3)nonprofit organization after our family ranch  “RAFT” Ranch- Reaching Autism Families Together.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a plethora of resources for families with children on the spectrum. Our hope is to provide coaching to help parents/guardians navigate their family’s journey and quests for alternative resources.  We aim to reach as many families as possible to connect with resources for therapy, connect you with like-minded local providers, and assist parents/guardians in exploring all available interventions for healing.

Our Son

Our son is currently 10  years old and was diagnosed with regressive autism at the age of 2.  His ATEC score was “ 118 ” which was considered “severe autism” at the time.  We were confused, scared, and had more questions than any doctors had answers.  We have come a long way with healing, as he is currently scoring a “4 ” which has been a phenomenal breakthrough from where we began. We continue to work with him on recovery and feel confident that many other children and families can benefit as our family has.

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